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'One Day Saves Lives' Signature block Creator

Create your own personalised signature block graphic supporting your campaign. Supply an address pointing to your own organisation's web page, or leave the default selected to create link to the ACO's campaign page.

If empty or invalid URL, the graphic will not appear. Check and try again.

How to add signature in Microsoft Outlook 2013 and similar

Copy into your email writing program. The steps below are for users of Microsoft Outlook. Other email programs will have similar methods to add signatures to outbound email. Please refer to documentation for your software if necessary.

Step 1

Click the copy button to store the graphic in your clipboard (may not work on some browsers)

OR Click on the grey panel (not the graphic itself) to select the graphic with formatting, and copy it to your clipboard (Ctrl+C or Cmd+C)

Step 2

In Outlook, select the FILE Menu then select Options

Step 3

Select Mail in the left column, the select Signatures

Step 4

Select New or edit an existing signature

Step 5

If new, name the signature block

Step 6

Paste the copied information from step 2 into the editing window at the bottom of the dialog box

Step 7

If new, select an E-mail account in the dropdown box to modify its signatures

Step 8

Change the dropdown boxes for New messages and Replies/Forwards to show the signature name you just created