Evelyn Partners

Investment management for charities

Carefully curated investment portfolios, balancing financial and charitable goals.

Building investment portfolios for charities

At Evelyn Partners our approach is based on the philosophy that each charity is unique, with its own distinct requirements. We liaise directly with executives and trustees to build bespoke investment portfolios that match each charity’s individual requirements, values and evolving goals.

Our investment team uses our robust investment process to build a portfolio that meets each charity’s specific needs. Within this, our investment philosophy rests on four key pillars:

  • Quality – our portfolios are focused on high quality and sustainable business models, based on our GASP criteria of investing in businesses that are Growing, Attractively Valued, Sustainable and Proven
  • Liquidity – portfolios need to be flexible in order to adapt to changing economic and market conditions
  • Diversification – well-diversified portfolios should add value both in rising and falling markets
  • Risk management – risk and return are two sides of the same coin. Good risk management starts with an in-depth understanding of each charity, starting with the risk register, reserves policy and on through to the investment policy, which is at the heart of everything we do

General contacts

For details of all Evelyn Partners’ offices, check our locations here. You can also reach departments and partners here. For the London office switchboard contact +44(0)20 7131 4000.