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WRS Insurance Brokers

Align your values with ours

WRS Insurance Brokers are proudly part of the Benefact Group, which is owned by one of the UK’s leading grant-making charities, the Benefact Trust.

Benefact Group are a diverse family of specialist financial services businesses, driven by our shared ambition to do right by our customers and united by a common purpose to give all available profits to charity and good causes.

We have donated over £100 million since 2016. Giving our profits to good causes means we are motivate by something fat greater than the need to satisfy shareholders’ returns, allowing a focus on the highest levels of customer service.

Why WRS?

  • Team of dedicated and highly experienced charity insurance experts
  • Client base of over 1200 diverse charities
  • Face to face visits and risk management support
  • Access to all major UK insurers, ensuring you get the very best cover and price
  • Unique philanthropic business model dedicated to serve the charity sector

Additional added value

  • Fundraising support – such as fundraising plans, researching donors and funders, making grant applications
  • Ethical investments – we also have an ethical investment business for charities, EdenTree
  • Charity risk management advice and articles

Get in touch today

Request a quote: www.wrsinsurance.co.uk/association-of-charitable-organisations-enquiry/

Website: www.wrsinsurance.co.uk/charity-insurance

Email: hello@wrsinsurance.co.uk

Telephone: 01206 760780



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