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ABS teams up with Anxiety UK

ABS, the Architects Benevolent Society, are dedicated to helping architects, assistant, technologists, technicians and landscape architects and their families. They have now teamed up with Anxiety UK to provide mental health support.

The pressures of work or studying, the vulnerability and uncertainty of the architectural professions, and health, relationship and family difficulties are just some of the reasons people experience anxiety, stress and anxiety-based depression. Many people find their own ways of coping, but some need support to manage these feelings and to get the balance right. This is where ABS can help.

Through a partnership with Anxiety UK, the Architects Benevolent Society can give quick access to a range of support through a helpline, email, wellbeing assessment (including one year’s membership to Anxiety UK) and one-to-one therapy (cognitive behavioural therapy, counselling, clinical hypnotherapy, acupuncture) via a network of approved therapists.

The first port of call is the welfare team at the Society who will discuss the current situation and agree next steps in accessing support to meet needs. They will also confirm eligibility for support. Eligibility is based on work experience in the UK rather than being a member of one of the professional membership organisations.

Once eligibility has been confirmed by a welfare officer, and a referral is agreed as an appropriate way forward, a referral will be made for one of the support services available through Anxiety UK.

There may be other ways in which the Society can help, including financial assistance, or advice and support with housing, benefits or employment issues.

Source: Architects Benevolent Society