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ACO has a new Operational Plan - Man drawing charts, and infographics on a whiteboard
Last updated June 2017

ACO has a new Operational Plan

Trustees approved a new operational plan for the ACO at its April board meeting. This plan builds on the previous Recruit & Retain plan and gives ACO a clearly defined vision and a set of stretching but realistic strategic objectives that are underpinned by two core principles (a digital first approach across all area and the investment of appropriate funds) that will guide all that we do until 2020.

What we aim to do in 2017-18

Grow the membership of ACO

Grow and maintain charity membership to 130 members, corporate membership to 25 organisations, and associate membership to 7 not for profit organisations.

Develop a range of quality support and resources for members

Mentoring scheme for new leadership, create web resources required and put in place quality assurance, digital transformation to include changes to website, online newsletter, and social media presence. Annual conference and bi-monthly local/interest based forums and events across the UK. Develop learning and development programme, delivered by ACO corporate partners, for charity member staff, volunteers and trustees on topical issues 

To be the voice for the sector, influencing policy and practice

Provide a compelling and coherent voice of the sector, promoting awareness of the sector and progressing the interests of its members. ACO will seek to influence government, regulators and key influencers in the interests of its members.

Ensure engagement and feedback systems in place for members to inform and shape the work of ACO. Annual ACO membership survey. Proactive response to policy issues affecting Members. Develop strategic partnerships to promote the sector. Marketing and media campaigns to raise the profile and visibility of the sector.

To run the charity in a professional and financially sustainable way

Ensure the efficient and effective working of the charity and ensure its financial sustainability. Refined and improved key internal financial and customer relationship systems and processes. Key processes identified and documented in an Operations Manual. Review of current staff resources and succession plan for the staff team and trustees developed. Development of a funding strategy to diversify the funding base. Best practice governance arrangements in place. Review ACO Articles of Association. Supported staff team.

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