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Last updated February 2018

ACO Knowledge Hub

Welcome to Knowledge Hub, a new section of the ACO newsletter. This is a sharing area for us to post member questions and queries along with answers from our members in the ACO network.

Please participate as much as you are able, the more we share collective knowledge the more everyone benefits. If you have a question or query you would like answered in the Knowledge Hub, or to offer the benefit of your knowledge to answer a query or share your experience, please email

This will be a regular monthly section, if we have enough questions and queries.

Question 1:

"We are looking for a HR person to write 2 job descriptions for our organisation. This would involve talking to the two members of staff to see what their jobs involve and then writing up the JDs for us. Can you suggest anyone?"

  • We use Chiumento Consulting Limited - they are very professional. I have found the service very good. It does not quite suit our clients who are either in the category of never worked and/or have low skills and experience. We have decided, due to lack of finding the 'perfect' organisation that we are looking to directly employ someone next financial year for this role.
  • I have some job descriptions people are welcome to use/ borrow and have many years of expertise in HR if I could be of use?
  • I've always found Execucare good for any recruitment needs or advice from placing adverts, to advice on Job Descriptions etc. Steve Perrett and Mairi Shirley are extremely experienced and very hands-on - lovely people too.
  • Personally I would use Prospectus for assistance with recruitment

Question 2:

"I am writing to enquire if you can signpost me to any of your member charities with experience of mobility equipment providers, as we are reviewing our preferred provider agreement and want to go out to competitive tender with a number of companies if possible. I am interested to find out which companies are proving effective in this important sector of our work. If you are aware of companies that it would be helpful to research, I'd be glad to know."

  • We purchase a large amount of mobility equipment and our major contracted supplier for this (there would be the odd occasion we need to look elsewhere for specific bespoke products but EME helps source this when they can) is Electric Mobility Europe. The majority of the products being Mobility Scooters, Rise and Recline Chairs, Profiling Beds and the occasional electric wheelchair when it is unable to be supplied by the NHS for some reason. Contact details: Jonathan Hearth Managing Director Tel: +44 (0)1460 258102 Mob: +44 (0)7739 340118. They work in conjunction with our OT Assessment provider, The OT Practice as we feel it is important to ensure the beneficiaries safety by making sure any mobility related product has been assessed for before we supply it.
  • The OT Practice
  • Handicare
  • The one that springs to mind is The Family Fund Trust, as they are obviously a major disability charity - Paul McAfee is the contact there: 
  • I usually recommend the British Red Cross for hiring equipment. Also in the South of England the Disability Equipment Service are worth a look (sorry I don't have a name).
  • We normally obtain our disability equipment from: Midshires Mobility Group Our contact there is Diane Brown, Charity Account Manager tel: 01889 582332
  • We also use The Easy Chair Company for riser-recliner chairs as well. Contact Richard, Robert or Linda Andrews (owners/directors) tel: 01279 465863
  • I'm just on Twitter and came across the British Healthcare Trades Association  They have a code of practice, it might be worth checking whether any mobility equipment supplier you look into is a member of this body.

Question 3:

"Do you know of any organisation in London that would be willing to provide a meeting room for our quarterly Board meeting. We have changed Trustees and now need to move to a more central location for the new Board. It's a Saturday in October, 10-3pm, we are self-sufficient however tea and coffee facilities would be great."

  • I came across CAN Mezzanine that rents rooms out to charities, they charge by the hour - a Board Room is £25 per hour (per room not per person) And they do free teas and coffees. They are open on Saturdays. You can choose location eg Old Street, London Bridge, so depending on where most of your people are coming from. The lady I LiveChatted with said the best thing to do is to register (free) and check availability. There is no joining fee. I have no idea how popular it is but I came across it through Bates Wells Braithwaite - the highly respected charity law firm - as they are using Can Mezzanine to manage their office space for charities.

Questions for next time:

"How to pay for broadband for clients who want to get digitally connected?"

"Do any members have templates they are willing to share on safeguarding policies?"

Please help answer the questions for next time! Email

So, that's it for the first edition of Knowledge Hub. Please give us your feedback! We also are looking into developing Knowledge Hub into an online group for ACO members with a search facility - do you currently use online groups? Share your experience of the good, the bad and the ugly so we make sure we learn from your experience and develop this into a fantastic digital resource for members! Please email


The ACO Team

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