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Last updated June 2019

Policy News

News subjects related to UK legislation and guidance, with links to accompanying documents and details useful to ACO members and their clients.


  • Elederly pensioner - Seated man with hands folded over the top of a walking stick
    State Pension rates 2019

    The amount the State Pension pays is set to increase by a lower-than-expected 2.6% from April 2019. This follows a State Pension rise of 3% for the 2018/19 tax year.

  • UK National Minimum Wage - Graphics for UK National Minimum Wage
    National living wage increases nearly 5%

    As announced by Philip Hammond in the UK Parliament Autumn Budget in 2018, the National Minimum Wage is increasing in April 2019 and amounts to an annual increase of about £690 for a full-time worker.

  • Fundraising - Close-up of fundraising collection tins
    Changes to the fundraising levy

    Following a detailed analysis on charity accounts and the current levy structure, The Fundraising Regulator has announced a couple of changes to improve the progression of the levy for smaller fundraising charities, and to move to the most recent reported costs.

  • Scope Disability Costs Research - Cath at home with bills
    The Disability Price Tag

    Scope has updated research for 2019 which reveals the extra costs faced by disabled people and families with disabled children.

  • Spring - Daffodil against sky background
    April 2019 changes

    A roundup of changes being implemented at the start of the 2019 financial year

  • Department of Work and Pensions - DWP headquarters, Caxton House in London
    CDC Pension "could deliver improved returns for millions"

    Millions of workers could eventually benefit from better retirement savings when a new type of pension scheme is introduced to the market, under pioneering proposals rubber-stamped by the Work and Pensions Secretary.

  • Council Tax - Closeup of demand for council tax
    Residents face council tax hikes

    Residents in England face council tax increases of 4.5% in the coming year which has left the average Band D household in England facing the prospect of paying out an additional £75 per year from April 2019. 301 local authorities will be increasing their council tax in 2019-20.

  • In Deepest Wonga Land - Smug executive smoking a cigar
    4x more Wonga compensation claimants than expected

    The Financial Ombudsman Service has told the Treasury Committee that at the point that Wonga went into administration in August 2018, there were “about 10,500” consumers who had complaints open about the payday lender but were unable to have their complaints resolved.

  • Making Tax Digital - Cover graphics from HMRC's document roadmap for Making Tax Digital
    Overview of Making Tax Digital

    Making Tax Digital comes into force from 1st April. The Government has confirmed a light touch approach to penalties in the first year of implementation. Where businesses are doing their best to comply, no filing or record keeping penalties will be issued.

  • Giving safely to charities - Graphics from video covering safe charity giving
    How to give safely to charities

    The Charity Commission want to make sure that the public are aware of the correct steps to follow when supporting and donating to charity, so that all donations go to the intended beneficiaries. Their latest safer giving campaign aims to help continue giving safely to registered charities.

  • Compassion in Crisis - Report cover graphics
    Compassion in Crisis

    Church Action on Poverty research has revealed the steep decline in Local Welfare Assistance Schemes across England, where over the past five years, at least 28 local authorities have closed their schemes completely and almost all the remaining schemes have been drastically cut back.

  • Prison - Male prisoner looks out of bars onto barbed wire
    How to look after your mental health in prison

    Being in prison can be a very difficult experience. The environment, the rules and regulations and lack of personal control can all have an impact on mental health. This guide gives practical ways to look after people’s mental health in a prison setting.

  • The State of Ageing in 2019 - Report cover from Centre for Ageing Better
    Charities need 'radical rethink' to support older people

    A new Centre for Ageing Better report says that “Without fundamental changes in society, the challenges faced by increasing numbers of older people will have dire consequences for the NHS, care services and for public spending”, and calls upon the charity sector and government to tackle these issues.

  • Intercharity LGBT+ Network - Graphics from the Intercharity LGBT+ Network website
    Network for LGBT+ charity staff

    A new initiative for LGBT+ charity staff has been launched. The Intercharity LGBT+ Network will enable LGBT+ voluntary sector employees to discuss issues affecting them at work and share best practice. It is hoped charities could implement some of the network's workplace findings.