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Last updated March 2020

Member News

News relating to the activities and work of our ACO charity members. Please contact us if you would like to add news about your organisation here.


  • Film - Film
    Film and Television Charity announce emergency relief fund

    The BFI and The Film and TV Charity set up a new Covid-19 Film and TV Emergency Relief Fund with a £1m donation from Netflix.

  • Foothold banner - Foothold banner
    Foothold partner with Sleepstation

    The IET’s charity has just celebrated its 130th birthday and is offering free sleep support and guidance from sleep coaches Sleepstation from the comfort of your own home.

  • Help for heroes hero up - Help for heroes hero up
    Help for Heroes asks gamers to Hero Up to support wounded veterans

    Help for Heroes is entering the gaming arena with the launch of Hero Up: a live streaming fundraising initiative in support of wounded veterans.

  • Hospitality Action Logo - Hospitality Action Logo
    Hospitality Action launch emergency appeal

    The hospitality industry’s charity has launched the appeal in response to the ongoing situation with COVID-19 and how it has impacted the hospitality industry.

  • Member Spotlight - ScotsCare

    There are 340,000 first and second generation Scots in London. And when people fall on hard times, ScotsCare is there to provide support.

  • Retail Trust new CEO - Retail Trust new CEO
    New Chief Executive for retailTRUST

    Chris Brook-Carter, who has led Retail Week and World Retail Congress for almost a decade, formerly as its Editor in Chief and for the last four years as Managing Director, joins retailTRUST in May to replace Richard Boland who retires at the end of April 2020.

  • Racing Welfare Logo-resized - Racing Welfare Logo-resized
    Racing Welfare launch CATS

    The charity has launched a new website dedicated to careers advice and training services.

  • Women - Women
    Smallwood Trust Women’s Resilience Fund

    Smallwood Trust have announced they will be evolving their grant-making strategy with the launch of their Women’s Resilience Fund. This will empower frontline women’s organisations to distribute grants to financially vulnerable women in their local communities.

  • Visa - Visa
    Stop the service charge

    The Royal British Legion are campaigning for Commonwealth personnel to be exempt from Commonwealth Visa Fees when they leave the UK armed forces but wish to apply to live in the country.

  • Naval Children's Charity - Naval Children's Charity
    The Royal Navy and Royal Marines Children's Fund becomes the Naval Children's Charity

    The charity states the new name sets out the vision of the Naval Children's Charity to reach more beneficiaries in need, hardship or distress.

  • Tiger who came to tea - Tiger who came to tea
    The Tiger Who Came to Tea in Makaton

    This World Book Day, four organisations championing Makaton (a form of sign language) as a communication method, including Family Fund, came together to create a video to tell Judith Kerr’s children’s classic The Tiger who Came to Tea in Makaton, making it more accessible to children and young people with additional needs.

  • Turn2us logo - Turn2us logo
    Turn2us launch Stand Together crisis appeal

    The national poverty charity has launched an emergency crisis appeal after receiving a 520% increase in pleas for help from people facing financial devastation thanks to the coronavirus pandemic.