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Guest Articles

Articles written by our charity and corporate members on important topics of the day.


  • Dgital skills - two women share a computer screen
    The transformative power of digital

    Zoe Amar, Chair of The Charity Digital Code of Practice is bringing together key organisations to develop The Charity Digital Code of Practice which aims to improve digital skills and increase the take up of digital activity in charities. This will help organisations deliver on their charitable purpose in an increasingly digital age.

  • Yoke and Co - Graphics from the company site
    It started with a picnic…

    The question on the minds of two charity endowment specialists James Brooke Turner and Guy Davies has long been who is there to help charity trustees make better decisions about their assets - to take the trustees' view of all assets in the round, and help them come to a decision about how they might be better put to use in advancing the mission of the charity.