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Last updated June 2019

ACO News

News and announcements from the Association of Charitable Organisations, including organised events, meetings and our work on your behalf.


  • Legal Documents - Sheaf of documents in buff folders
    GDPR working group resources

    The ACO-led working group on GDPR was set up to pool the knowledge of ACO members on implementing the legislation within smaller charities, and they have been busy creating GDPR documents and templates to share with members.

  • Consultation on GDPR guidance on contracts and liabilities between controllers and processors - Close-up of a fictional key on a computer keyboard entitled 'Data Security'
    GDPR e-learning from Quilter Cheviot

    Quilter Cheviot has put together a short e-learning module to help you understand what GDPR means, how it will impact you and how to prepare for it.