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GMF February 2020 - GMF February 2020

Grant Making Forum Feb 2020

Our Grant Making Forum held on Wednesday 26 February 2020 featured three speakers: Bob Browell, Counter Fraud Manager at Macmillan Cancer Support, Mark Burnett, CEO of Hope & May International Data Protection Practitioners, and Jane Petit, CEO of Foothold.

Up first we had Bob Browell, Counter Fraud Manager at Macmillan Cancer Support, who raised awareness amongst our member charities of the different types of charity fraud we need to be aware of. He also provided useful advice on Macmillan's approach to handling cases of suspected fraud and showed the benefits of having someone keeping a close eye on fraud within their charities.

Next Mark Burnett from data protection specialists Hope & May gave our members a hot off the presses update on what the future of GDPR could look like for the UK post-Brexit, as well as providing useful advice for how our members could look to become more GDPR compliant.

Jane Petit from Foothold then provided an honest overview of how they found their recent re-brand process, to share their learnings and experiences with those that might be considering something similar.

After members had a chance to catch up over lunch, our Under Fives group, for smaller charities with under five staff, had a chance to continue the discussions.

Thank you to all our speakers and for our members that attended to contribute towards the conversations! Thank you also to the British Dental Association Benevolent Fund for hosting these events. 

More information about our speakers and copies of the PowerPoint presentations for the event can be downloaded Here.