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Policy News

News subjects related to UK legislation and guidance, with links to accompanying documents and details useful to ACO members and their clients.


  • Loneliness and social exclusion - A senoir citizen holds her head in her hands while seated at a park bench
    A connected society

    Launched by the Prime minister this is the new government strategy for tackling loneliness. . It marks a shift in the way we see and act on loneliness, both within government and in society more broadly.

  • Camera lens - closeup of camera lens
    Gambling Commission crackdown on unfair operators

    New rules from the Gambling Commission, which come into force from 31 October 2018, mean gambling companies that break advertising rules or breach consumer law will face tougher action. The new requirements, which follow an open consultation, provide stronger protection for consumers and ensure they are treated fairly by gambling businesses.

  • Lifebuoy - lifebuoy or lifebelt floating in water
    'Local welfare' schemes on brink of collapse

    Thousands of people are being swept further into poverty or forced to turn to foodbanks and other charitable responses, as a result of cuts to crisis support in England according to new research.

  • Stalking - Man in hoodie follows anxious woman
    Committee urge widening bill on Domestic Abuse

    The Home Affairs Committee say national refuge funding, a new stalkers register, and an end to single Universal Credit Payments should be part of new Government Bill on Domestic Abuse. The Report also urges the Government to widen it to be a Violence against Women and Girls and Domestic Abuse Bill.

  • Legal Aid - Barristers presenting their case in a UK court
    Affordability for those ineligible for legal aid

    This report considers whether people defending criminal proceedings in Magistrates' Courts and the Crown Court who are required by the criminal legal aid system to contribute to or pay fully for legal costs, based on their income, can always afford to do so while maintaining a minimum acceptable living standard.

  • Computer Security - concept graphics
    Charity digital code of practice launches in November

    The first digital code of practice for charities is to launch this month to help the sector improve their tech skills and increase digital take up. The code will be voluntary and free to access and has been developed following a consultation involving a survey of 171 charity representatives.

  • Employment and Support Allowance trials - Young woman trained to use a pillar drill
    £1.67bn bill for benefits arrears

    Benefits claimants will receive a £1.67bn windfall, owing to “historic underpayments” by the DWP. An average of £5,000 is owed to around 180,000 people who previously claimed Employment Support Allowance, the Department has revealed.

  • Everybody active, every day - Man and woman perform excercises
    Everybody active, every day

    ‘Everybody active, every day’ is a national, evidence-based approach from Public Health England to support all sectors to embed physical activity into the fabric of daily life and make it an easy, cost-effective and ‘normal’ choice in every community in England.

  • Cold weather - Snow warning sign
    Cold weather plan for England

    Cold related deaths represent the biggest weather related source of mortality. Although temperatures are gradually rising with climate change, cold weather deaths are still expected to be high by 2050, due to the ageing and increasing population. So we are going to need the guidance in these pages to protect the public from the effects of cold for many years to come.

  • Charities SORP - Illustartion of businessman scaling a rock carved with the letters SORP
    Charities SORP update bulletin published

    A second SORP update bulletin has been published that keeps the SORP up to date with changes to UK-Irish accounting that come into effect from 1 January 2019.

  • Healthcare - Nurses push patient trolley along corridor
    Council squeeze blocks progress on health integration

    The Government still lacks effective overall strategy or plan to achieve aim of integrating sectors. It should set out a costed 10-year plan for social care to go with its 10-year plan for the NHS according to the Public Accounts Committee.

  • Britain's Brexit hopes, fears and expectations - A new report from JRF analyses the results of questions on attitudes to Brexit
    Britain's Brexit hopes, fears and expectations

    A new report from JRF analyses the results of questions on attitudes to Brexit from the 2017 British Social Attitudes survey. It focuses on the long-term consequences of Brexit, and pays special attention to the views of people on a low income.

  • Taxation - Closeup of desk items including a calculator with Tax+ and Tax- buttons
    Making Tax Digital delayed for some charities

    HMRC has announced that it will delay mandation of MTD VAT for a small minority of VAT registered businesses with more complex requirements until 1 October 2019.

  • Strategy for dealing with safeguarding issues in charities updated - Clay model figures with woman surrounding them with her hands
    Safeguarding to be supported through new fund

    Charity employees, volunteers and those that benefit from their services will be better protected under new safeguarding measures, Minister for Sport and Civil Society Tracey Crouch has announced. Up to £2 million will be invested in projects that raise awareness of safeguarding and improve incident handling, protecting more people from harm within the charity sector.

  • Charity Governance Awards 2019 - Winners from the 2018 awards
    Charity Governance Awards 2019

    The Charity Governance Awards are open for nominations. The awards which celebrate outstanding governance in charities small and large present a unique opportunity to champion best practice across seven award areas.

  • Trustees Week - Logo for the organisation
    Trustees’ Week 2018

    Trustees’ Week is the annual celebration of trustees. It serves as an opportunity to support existing trustees in their roles and encourage new people to become board members. This year offers open access to online governance tools and resources for the week and discounts on training and publications and sharing new tools and resources.

  • Charity Commission - Plaque outside offices in Drummond Gate, London
    Final report of CC safeguarding taskforce

    Charities submitted a total of 2,114 reports of serious incidents relating to safeguarding incidents or issues between 20 February and 30 September 2018.