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Last updated September 2019

Policy News

News subjects related to UK legislation and guidance, with links to accompanying documents and details useful to ACO members and their clients.


  • Partners - Partners
    Charities seek corporate partners for long-term stability

    This year's C&E Corporate-NGO Partnerships Barometer says all the charities go into partnerships for financial support, but 79% say they also do so for long-term security.

  • Brexit - Brexit
    Charities still unprepared for no-deal Brexit

    Three-quarters of charities have made little or no preparation for a no-deal Brexit, and 53% are dissatisfied with the support they have received from government, according to a new survey conducted by the Charity Finance Group

  • Rascism and diversity - Rascism and diversity
    #CharitySoWhite called for ‘urgent action’ to tackle racism

    Fatima Iftikhar, who uncovered a racist Citizens Advice training slide, has launched a campaign calling for “urgent action” on racism in the charity sector.

    Donations rise following RNLI criticism

    The Mail of Sunday’s criticism of RNLI spending money on overseas projects led to a Twitter backlash and might have boosted donations to the charity.

  • Facebook - Facebook
    Facebook fundraising raise over £1.6bn

    Facebook fundraisers have raised over £1.6 billion for charities over a period of four years, the social media giant has announced. Figures show more than 45 million people worldwide have donated to or created a fundraiser on Facebook since the launch of the Facebook fundraising tools in 2015 – double the amount reported in November last year.

  • Volunteers  - Volunteers
    Generation Z 'more likely to have volunteered'

    Research published by the British Heart Foundation (BHF) contradicts a government survey by finding that people aged between 16 and 24 volunteer the most.

  • Homelessness - Homelessness
    Homeless families on the rise

    The number of homeless families in England is up 11% in a year, figures show. Children living in temporary accommodation, such as B&Bs and hostels, also surges to 13-year high.

  • Giving gift - Giving gift
    More people leaving gifts to charities in wills

    The number of gifts being left to charities in wills has jumped by 53% year-on-year according to business data from legal services provider Co-op, released to coincide with Remember A Charity Week.

  • Happy leaders - Happy leaders
    Number of BAME charity leaders doubles

    There are more charity names on the BAME 100 Business leaders list than before, but the organisation that puts the list together says more should be done

  • Funding and finance - Funding and finance
    One third of charities rely on one funding source

    A study of 200 charity leaders by the insurance firm Ecclesiastical also finds that one in 10 thought losing their major source of funding would make the organisation unviable.

  • Older person - Older person
    People forced to sell homes to pay for care

    Over the last 20 years hundreds of thousands of older people have been forced to sell their home to cover the cost of social care, charity reveals.

  • Positive - Positive
    Public positive about fundraising

    A survey by the Institute of Fundraising finds that 41% of respondents are positive about the profession, with 18% saying they are negative

  • Giving Money - Giving Money
    Regular giving to major charities falling

    The 2019 Charity Benchmarks Report says that, in the year to the end of March, the number giving to 21 charities fell by 174,000 to about 1.6 million.

  • Austerity money bank - Austerity money bank
    The “end of austerity”?

    Sajid Javid said this month that the government could afford to “turn the page on austerity” as he set out Whitehall spending priorities.

  • Visa - Visa
    UK work visas for foreign graduates extended

    International students are to be offered a two-year work visa after graduating from a British university.

  • Food Bank - Food Bank
    Universal credit drives food bank use

    A new report from the main provider of food banks has warned that the roll out of Universal Credit has been a major factor behind the increase in food bank use.

  • Climate Change Protest - Climate Change Protest
    Young people want charities more involved in climate change debate

    The public want charities to be more involved in the climate change debate, particularly younger people, who believe the sector has a key role to play in the movement, a new poll has revealed.