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Policy News

News subjects related to UK legislation and guidance, with links to accompanying documents and details useful to ACO members and their clients.


  • Disabled Work - Wheelchair bound woman at work in carpentry business
    Disabled people helped into work

    Over 36,000 disabled people were supported into work last year, a figure the Department for Work and Pensions says is a ‘record’.

  • Family Violence - Unhappy child with silhouette of parents expressing quarrel
    Domestic violence victims lack support

    Research by the National Rural Crime Network has claimed domestic violence victims in rural areas are lacking vital support due to isolation, closed communities, fewer transport links and difficulty in accessing services

  • Veteran - Closeup of military medals worn by veteran
    PM creates Office for Veterans’ Affairs

    Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced a new Office for Veterans’ Affairs is being created ‘to provide life-long support to military personnel.’

  • Homeless - An unidentified person begging on a street in Glasgow, Scotland
    Housing unaffordable for women

    Housing is unaffordable for women in every English region, according to a report by the Women’s Budget Group and Women’s Housing Forum ‘A home of her own, housing and women’.

  • Diversity - Group, circle of friends, diversity, united concept. Toy pawn figures on table in front of grey background
    Efforts to improve diversity “unconvincing”

    Think tank NPC’s publication ‘Walking the Talk: Putting Workplace Equality, Diversity and Inclusion into Practice’, a collection of essays and podcasts, has declared charities’ efforts to increase diversity as “unconvincing and ineffective”.

  • DWP Website - The homepage of the Department for Work and Pensions on the UK Government website
    Disabled people get backdated benefits

    More than 13,000 disabled people are to receive backdated benefit payments after the government accepted a court ruling over universal credit.

  • Gift Aid - A lot coins in glass money jar with Gift Aid written on white paper on green background
    Gift Aid at record high

    New government figures show gift aid claimed by charities reached a record high of £1.35bn last year.

  • Gender Pay - Gender pay equality concept. man and woman on a stack of coins
    Gender pay gap lower in charities

    Research published by NCVO has found the gender pay gap among general charities is far lower than other sectors, being just 2% in favour of men, far lower than averages in the private and public sectors.

  • Child Poverty - Small unhappy child sitting on pavement alone
    More affected by two-child limit

    Research from the Child Poverty Action Group has concluded 161,000 families have now fallen into the two-child limit net.

  • Boxes - Plies of boxes in warehouse
    Brexit stockpiling hits charities

    Charities relying on donated goods are being negatively impacted by Brexit stockpiling, as companies worried about Brexit hold on to products that would usually be passed on to charities, putting them at risk of closure.

  • Sickness - Woman  sick at home on the couch
    Statutory sick pay review

    Two million low-paid employees could become eligible to receive statutory sick pay for the first time, as the government has launched a consultation into proposed changes.

  • Volunteering - Single hand raised, against grey background
    Volunteering at six-year low

    The percentage of the English population that volunteers at least once a year has dropped to its lowest point in six years, according to the government’s Community Life Survey for 2018/19.

  • GDPR Calendar 25 May 2018 - GDPR Calendar image 25 May 2018 1000x400 pixels
    Donor support after GDPR

    Most charities did not lose significant donor support after the GDPR, according to a report from Blackbaud and the Institute of Fundraising.

  • DWP Website - The homepage of the Department for Work and Pensions on the UK Government website
    Universal credit hit by scam

    Claimants of universal credit have been hit by a scam, with tens of millions of pounds of public money believed to have been stolen. Claimants are left owing hundreds, as fraudsters targeted Britain’s main welfare benefit.

  • No Deal Brexit - Money value after Brexit, illustrative image
    No-deal Brexit fund

    The National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) has called on the government to set up a no-deal Brexit fund for charities to help mitigate some of the effects it would have.