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ACO presenting at two virtual events in November

ACO is pleased to be presenting at two digital events in November to raise awareness of the support available from benevolent charities

The Charity Digital Conference - 25 - 27 November 2020

ACO will be presenting at CharityComms' The Charity Digital conference to showcase a range of examples of where ACO members have adapted or introduced new digital services to better assist their beneficiaries during the pandemic. Read the full description below: 

Benevolent funds are a less-known part of the charity sector, and those that know these charities often think of them as old fashioned and technologically adverse. In this talk, Hannah will be showcasing examples of where both large and small grant-giving charities have rapidly adapted their services during lockdown to continue to help those that need urgent assistance. These examples (from a range of charities) will provide ideas for ways you can better assist your service users, no matter what the future holds.

For more information about the conference visit: 

Southern Housing Group's 'Money Talks' - 4 November 2020

ACO will be speaking to Housing Associations at the Southern Housing Group about support available for their tenants from benevolent funds. The presentation will look to inform staff about what benevolent funds are, how they help and how individuals can find support.