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Last updated May 2018

Advising London

We are the leading independent advice agency in the UK able to design and develop services to meet the needs of individuals and communities. We have a large pool of legal experts able to provide a full legal advice service including representation.

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We advise, support and educate people so that they can exercise their rights, responsibilities and entitlements around everyday problems in their lives. Topics we can advise on include debt and money issues, welfare benefits, housing, employment, immigration and consumer issues.

We work in partnerships providing welfare and advice services to those wishing to provide high quality advice to their beneficiaries.

We offer more intensive support to prevent common issues from occurring again. This includes our supporting London service helping people take charge of their lives so they can develop confidence and skills. We have specialist services for those with mental health problems as well as new migrants, young people and the most vulnerable in our communities.


Our wider services include;


Digital inclusion – Digi buddies volunteering programs and digital support services to help people take charge of their lives by learning wider digital skills


Training Services – A wide range of financial education training programs to adults and young people. Training programs in welfare reform, employment and HR matters


Multilingual London – An interpreting and translation service.


Advising Communities - A legal and technical advice, information and support service for organisations rooted in their communities across England. We offer a low-cost subscription service which includes an email advice service and 100’s of information sheets and templates to support charities, social enterprises and small businesses. We also have a large team of consultants working with us to provide finance services, HR and employment support and wider legal and technical consultancy and training services.


Many of our services are now available across England and Wales through our wholly owned trading subsidiary. For further information on the services that we deliver and how we may be able to help you please contact or have a look at and