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Architects Benevolent Society - Architects Benevolent Society

Architects Benevolent Society celebrates 170th anniversary

Architects Benevolent Society celebrates its 170th anniversary with the launch of their Foundation of Support campaign, new website and a video featuring ABS President Jane Duncan OBE PPRIBA FRIAS and ABS Patron, HRH The Duke of Gloucester.

On 27th November 2020,  Architects Benevolent Society (ABS) is 170 years old! ABS is marking this special occasion with the launch of their Foundation Of Support campaign providing renewed focus on their core support services Money and Debt, Employment, Mental health & Wellbeing, Housing Advice and Physical Health & Disability. They will also launch their new website and release a video demonstrating the Society’s commitment to helping vulnerable people in the architectural community.

ABS has changed a lot since its inception in 1850, when the first formal General Meeting was held in the Freemason’s Tavern in Covent Garden, London. There, the Architects Benevolent Society was founded. By 1852, ABS had helped 4 people in the profession and 170 years on they are assisting over a thousand individuals and families each year. The aim of providing support which is tailored to individual needs, and designed to improve people’s lives has remained the same throughout our 170 years.

ABS President Jane Duncan OBE PPRIBA FRIAS says:

“The world has changed so much in the past 170 years, and ABS has adapted so it can provide real help that responds to the current needs of the architectural community. We want you all to know how ABS can make a difference; to provide support that changes people’s lives for the better.”

ABS Chair, Geoffrey Purves says:

“Our help has never been more needed than it is now and we continue to expand and improve on the services we provide. Please help us to spread the word to all those who are eligible for that help by supporting this campaign, together we can make a real difference.”

The video:

The video ‘ABS: A Foundation of support, 170 years in 170 seconds’ will feature key supporters of ABS; HRH The Duke of Gloucester (ABS Patron), Jane Duncan PPRIBA OBE (ABS President), as well as beneficiaries and ambassadors. It will demonstrate the Society’s commitment to help vulnerable people in the architectural community and its continued assistance with the Foundation Of Support campaign.  

The video and its teaser trailer will be shared on social media and the charity's new website week commencing 23rd November, leading up to our anniversary on 27th November.

Source: Architects Benevolent Society