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Bank Workers Charity's achievements

BWC, the Bank Workers Charity have published their annual Trustee report and accounts for the last year, and highlight some of their achievements during this time.

Through investment of £3.8m in the development and delivery of charitable activities, BWC was able to help more current and former bank employees and their families than ever before during the 2017/18 year.

  • 102,912 digital support interventions, a 129% increase over the previous period, as a result of the launch of a digital platform and multi-channel support services
  • 3,065 service interventions were provided by the team of specialist client advisors, supporting 1,585 individual clients
  • 115 home visits were made by visiting case workers, providing the most at need clients with advocacy, guidance and services
  • 4,502 interventions were made by the wellbeing team, via webinars and events for bank employees
  • £760,000 was provided in financial grants

What clients said

  • 91% said they would recommend BWC to a friend or bank colleague
  • 81% felt less depressed or low after receiving support
  • 76% say that after support they worried less about money
  • 86% agreed that they felt less stressed after working with BWC
  • 67% felt more positive about the future as a result of their assistance.

Read more and download the report at the Bank Workers Charity