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Beacon: for Chairs leading smaller charities

A new lottery funded programme of training for charity board Chairs is being offered by the Association of Chairs. The programme is for Chairs and Vice Chairs of charities and non-profit organisations in England with an annual income of under £1 million.

Participants will meet, learn and exchange ideas with other Chairs who face similar challenges; be part of a unique programme tailored to meet the needs of Chairs of smaller organisations; know where to get support to be effective in your role; hear the views of other Chairs of smaller charities and sector experts on topics that concern you; and access a wide range of free practical written resources to meet your needs.

The training will be delivered through;: workshops in locations all over England starting with London, Birmingham, Leeds, Taunton, Brighton and Bournemouth; free, interactive and downloadable webinars covering and complementing the workshop content. Topics of interest include being a 'hands-on' Chair, clarifying your legal responsibilities, recruiting trustees and many more.

Thanks to a generous grant from the Big Lottery Fund the online and written resources are free and workshops will only cost £20. A travel bursary will be available to support organisations with an income of under £100k with the cost of travel.

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