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Last updated September 2017

Blogs 2011

Archive of Blogs for the year


  • Misunderstood and unheralded - Photo of woman with umbrella looking towards a rainbow
    Misunderstood and Unheralded

    ACO has seen a couple of interventions into our sphere of influence in the last weeks, and they rather expose the twin curses that afflict benevolence: namely that it has been our lot to be generally misunderstood and your considerable impact largely unheralded.

  • Do we need a Plan B?

    One of the benefits for those of us having been around for a while is that we can blithely assume we have seen it all before. Whilst I cannot claim to remember the 1930s, I did live through periods of great financial austerity in the seventies and eighties. But I am not sure I have seen anything in my lifetime that resembles the current situation. Financial crisis is a game changer that tests our institutions and ways of doing things. Or at least it should.

  • The Silly Season

    As the summer draws to a close and the “season of mists and mellow fruitfulness”, draws in, the world returns from a period of rest and respite. If you think that you must have had an excellent break. Events over the summer were perhaps best described by the man in the Mac cartoon who says as he pitches up at the News of the World office “anything happen whilst I was away?”

  • Lord Wei steps down

    News that Lord Wei is stepping down as the government’s adviser on the big society, after less than a year, raises more unwelcome questions for the Prime Minister about his pet project.

  • The Grown-Up Brain

    I have just ordered a new book from Amazon. Being of a certain age I got off to a slow start with the on line ordering process; what password did I create for this account? If this sounds like you then I have good news.

  • Changing Times

    Our 65th year is proving to be a time of change. The recent annual general meeting was an opportunity for the organisation to take stock and indicate the broad direction of future travel.