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Last updated September 2017

Blogs 2014

An archive of the year's editorial comments from our chief executive, drawing attention to charity related issues of the day. These include the erosion of the charity sector, new marketing strategies to raise awareness, legislation limiting campaigning, and of course, the ever present threat of financial meltdown.


  • High Noon - Silhouette of a man wearing a stetson hat
    High Noon

    ACO's CEO, Dominic Fox, considers the role of statutory regulation, public confidence in the charitable sector and hidden agendas.

  • Things Fall apart - Speakers platform at the IMF conference
    Things Fall Apart

    George Osborne is on the warpath. Specifically he has been playing “war games” with his chums at the International Monetary Fund headquarters in DC on how to deal with the hypothetical possibility that the world banking system goes into meltdown again.

  • A tale of two cities - Banksy Graffiti
    A tale of two cities

    Governments are printing money ,but there are increasing worries that in the longer term this might not be enough. When it works, it is a good example of the City and Westminster working together for the public good.

  • Keep the Safety Net - A blue safety net in a childrens playground
    Keep the Safety Net

    As David Cameron heeds the advice of Barack Obama to take time off and think about the bigger issues, Dominic Fox encourages him to contemplate the provision of essential safety nets that prevent people falling into debt and despair.

  • Superman - The comic book hero flies through the air
    The 'RSPCA'

    This month we contemplate the Queens Speech, the proposed Protection Of Charities Blll, new appointments at the Charities Commission and the Social Action, Responsibility and Heroism Bill

  • The right to be forgotten - A bank of microphones in front of a speakers podium
    The Right to be Forgotten

    While the European Court discusses the right to be forgotten, we analyse the negative portrayal of voluntary organisations in the media, and attempts to re-balance this with positive news stories

  • Blog Article May 2014 - Bronze statue of bull representing the good times in the stock market
    All That Is Solid Melts into Air

    Despite good news from the CBI about the economy, Dominic Fox investigates the continuing criticisms of the capitalist system, salaries and payoffs for those at the top and the state of management of our largest companies

  • Claiming the moral high ground - Image showing Jenga blocks precariously balanced
    Claiming the Moral High Ground

    Dominic Fox comments on the Government's efforts towards welfare reform against the backdrop of increasing hardship and calls for more urgent action.

  • Blog Article March 2014 - One of Pancreatic Cancer Action's adverts
    Shoot the Messenger

    Dominic Fox analyses the latest efforts by charities to raise awareness of their cause against the backdrop of the digital age, and dwells upon the recent misfortune of the Pancreatic Cancer Action charity

  • Blog Article February 2014 - Raindrops falling down glass with woman walking outside holding an umbrella
    Only Fools & Horses

    Dominic Fox takes a look at the erosion of the charity sector, unhelpful interventions by local and national politicians, and the effect of the looming bill to curb lobbying on charities