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Brexit Civil Society Alliance

“The Brexit Civil Society Alliance is a UK wide alliance of charities, voluntary and campaigning organisations, all working together to ensure that the voices of civil society are heard in the Brexit process.

While attention has been paid to the future of business with Brexit, often the human impact and stories are being forgotten. The Brexit Civil Society Alliance is here to make sure that the concerns, hopes and aspirations of civil society are centre stage as the UK makes its exit from the European Union

They help to give a voice to a wide range of groups in the Brexit process, from across all parts of the UK - connecting Wales, Scotland, Northern and Ireland and England. These voices come from health, human rights, environment, consumer and workers rights, equality, food, farming, trade and education.

Established in July 2017 the Alliance has been active in helping to shape and improve Brexit legislation, connect politicians with civil society and help educate, inform and advocate for those who may feel remote from the Brexit process.

The Brexit Civil Society Alliance takes no position on Brexit itself but seeks to raise the concerns of member organisations and push for the best possible policy outcomes for our organisations and wider civil society as we leave the EU”.

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