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Brexit: is your organisation prepared?

Over a third of charities have made no preparations at all for a no-deal Brexit. Only 8% are fully aware of the impact it will have on their charity and have made adequate preparations, according to a Charity Finance Group survey.

CFG found that the vast majority, 92%, had either a partial understanding or no understanding about what a no-deal outcome would mean for their charity. As well as a lack of understanding, answers also revealed a lack of preparedness for no-deal Brexit. Of the 52 people responding, 83% said that they have made little or no preparation.

When asked “What is your biggest concern about a no-deal Brexit?”, most respondents pointed to the lack of certainty: “There is so much noise and misinformation that it is hard to anticipate what this will mean in practice; as ever the most vulnerable will suffer the most.”

Source: Charity Finance Group