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Buttle UK publish State of Child Poverty 2020 report

Buttle UK have published 'The State of Child Poverty 20' - a unique insight into the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic inside the homes of some of the most vulnerable families in the UK.

The qualitative study of nearly 1,000 nationwide frontline workers was carried out at the point lockdown restrictions were lifted in June 2020, and is based on a survey of support workers who have been interacting daily with families throughout the crisis.

Buttle UK has managed to work alongside these support workers throughout the crisis, to distribute £857,647 in our Chances for Children grants to over 730 families in lockdown, supporting over 1,000 children and young people – a grant pool bolstered by support from a number of generous donors including the ‘BBC Big Night In’ TV fundraising event.

Whilst the report reinforces data seen elsewhere (i.e. increased unemployment, reliance on foodbanks, an Increase of Universal Credit recipients) it is unique in providing the first-hand, direct experiences of what frontline workers have witnessed from their interactions with families during the crisis.

Recognising the huge financial burden the pandemic will place on the UK in the future, the study sets out to explore the profound issues families have faced during the crisis and offer some recommendations to tackling these issues as we enter the next phase of the crisis.

Source: Buttle UK