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Care home welcomes bee hive

The Retired Nurses National Home, run by Friends of the Elderly, has welcomed a hive of bees to the grounds of the home. The swarm, which contains approximately 1500 bees, is being cared for by staff at the home with support of the local beekeeping association.

The residents are able to see the hive in the garden and have been taking a great interest in the bees, what goes in to beekeeping and how bees produce honey. A local beekeeping expert has been a great support for the care home team and has given talks to the residents as an introduction to beekeeping.

Alan Johnston, Manager at the Retired Nurses National Home, said: “Our wonderful team leader, Amy Harris, has been the driving force behind setting up this hive at the home. The residents have developed a real interest in the bees, especially the environmental aspect of beekeeping and how we are doing our bit to support the bees. We are all really excited to have some RNNH honey, hopefully by the end of the summer!”

A resident said: “We can’t wait to taste the honey!”

Source: Friends of the Elderly