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ACO: Supporting 21st century benevolence

The Association of Charitable Organisations (ACO) is the UK umbrella body for benevolent funds and charities that give grants and welfare support to individuals in need. Founded in 1946, we encourage collaboration and best practice in the charity sector through the sharing of knowledge and resources to meet common challenges.

Who we are

ACO is the umbrella body for charitable organisations that provide grants and other support services to individuals in need. With over one hundred member charities, we provide support and encourage best practice, knowledge sharing and collaboration in the charity sector by providing a wide range of services and networking opportunities.
We comprise a broad range of over 100 grant-giving charities, providing our members with a wide and diverse range of charities to benchmark against and share knowledge between.

How we support charities

The benevolent charity sector encompasses a wide range of organisations focused on delivering financial and wellbeing support to individuals in need. Whilst the emphasis of these charities may vary (in terms of beneficiary groups, eligibility criteria, geographic coverage and types of grants) they often face shared challenges.
These can include issues ranging from meeting wider demand on services, increasing levels of income (fundraising and investments), building awareness amongst beneficiary groups and measuring impact. ACO provides an invaluable environment to bring together charities from throughout the sector to leverage their expertise, experience and resources to address these common issues and develop shared solutions.
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Note ACO does not explicitly promote corporate members or favour particular providers