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Last updated March 2021


Helping unemployed beneficiaries back in to work

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Chiumento helps get people back in to work. Whether long-term unemployed or recently redundant, we can help your beneficiaries find and secure new employment. We have over 120 experienced career coaches around the UK and combine one-to-one support with our comprehensive careers portal. Our career transition programmes will help:

Give your beneficiaries a sense of purpose
• Assessing & choosing the right option
• Understanding what motivates them
• Planning & managing their activities
• Keeping motivated and focused

Equip them with tools and techniques
• CV writing
• Interview & assessment centre skills
• Networking incl. LinkedIn
• Online job search
• Accessing the hidden job market

Give them access to a range of resources
• Learning events
• Chiumento Online
• Virtual Ashridge
• Mint Research
• Networking with Chiumento Alumni

Build their confidence
• Personal branding and self-belief
• Understanding and dealing with change
• Overcoming anxiety and nerves
• Performing to the best of their ability

Chiumento is pleased to work in partnership with The Benevolent Fund of the Institution of Civil Engineers, CABA, IET Connect, Lionheart, Pharmacist Support and Support Network.

Mike Burgneay, Client Development Director, 07817 207323