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Last updated November 2020

Debt Advice Resources

Free advice and support for charity's beneficiaries with debt and money management.

Where to find free debt advice

Debt Advice Locator, The Money Advice Service - A list of free online, telephone or in-person services providing debt and money support. 

Online support for budgeting and managing debt

Citizens Advice - Live web chat and debt advice by email. Chat is usually available 8am to 7pm, Monday to Friday. It's not available on public holidays. 

Money Advice Service - Covers advice of all areas of money management, including debt and budget calculators, advice on borrowing and mortgages, pensions, investments and more. 

Money Saving Expertbudget planners, money-saving tips, financial advice, banking tips, online chat groups etc

Stepchange - Charity offering advice for getting out of debt. This is the UK’s leading debt advice charity for phone and online support.

Christians Against Poverty - Charity offering debt counseling and advice. 

The Money Charity - Offers advice, information, workshops and training on money management.

Telephone helplines for free debt advice

  • Stepchange (08001381111)
  • Money Advice Service (0800138777)
  • National Debt Helpline (1800007007)
  • Debt Advice Foundation (08000434050)

Please be aware that there are a number of ‘debt helplines’ available, but not all are charities, some are profit-making organisations and others are not trading ethically.