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Establishing a Benevolent Fund - Establishing a Benevolent Fund
Last updated March 2021

Establishing a Benevolent Fund - Thurs 22 April

Thursday 22nd April 9:30am - 1pm. A free half-day workshop exploring how benevolent funds can deliver financial and wellbeing services for your members.

The ACO is running a free half-day workshop for professional bodies/associations and institutes who do not yet have a benevolent fund but may be considering establishing one to provide support for their members. 

Please register on Eventbrite for free to attend and receive Zoom access details. 

About this event

As the U.K economy struggles to recover post-Covid, many professional bodies will be looking to identify ways to provide practical support to members in significant financial need.

A large number of professional organisations already channel resources to meet the financial and wellbeing requirements of their members through existing benevolent funds/charities.These organisations have been well placed to work with their members as they meet the impact of redundancies, organisational restructuring and changes to work patterns facing their respective industry sectors as we gradually emerge from lockdown through 2021.

The Association of Charitable Organisations (ACO) is the UK umbrella body representing benevolent funds, encouraging collaboration and best practice in the charity sector. 

Through our free half-day workshop, we will explore some of the innovative ways in which these occupational benevolent funds deliver a diverse range of financial and wellbeing solutions – from financial assistance, debt advice and career support through to mental wellbeing and counselling services - to professionals throughout the U.K. We will look at how digitlisation and working effectively with delivery partners can minimise the operational scale of these charities.

We will also share some of the financial, legal and operational considerations in establishing and managing a benevolent charity, with input from partners currently advising a diverse range of benevolent funds.

For professional bodies/Institutes interested in understanding how connected benevolent funds could potentially deliver critical support to their membership/industry sector, this event will provide an invaluable insight into how 21st century benevolence can make a significant impact on the lives of professionals in need as we re-build the economy.

Sessions include:

  • Delivering financial and wellbeing support: occupational benevolent charities showcase
  • The impact of digitalisation on service delivery
  • Establishing a benevolent fund: investment, financial and legal considerations
  • Panel discussion – how benevolent funds have impacted the relationship between the professional body and its members