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MS Society Stop MS campaign - Campaigner wearing tee shirt looks at the Palace of Westminster

Exhibition to stop MS

The MS Society took an exhibition to UK Parliament to show Westminster the exciting potential of new MS research and its importance to people with MS.

Over 70 politicians from across the UK came to visit the exhibition to hear from people with MS and scientists about their hopes for the future of research. The exhibition showed MPs what it's like to live with MS and what new research could mean for the community. Banners in the upper hall at Westminster signposted MPs and visitors to three cases full of objects and stories from researchers and people with MS.

Life-sized cutouts of people with MS grabbed attention even when they couldn't be there in person, and each of the objects displayed told a story about living with MS.

Rodney, who has MS, came to share his story at the exhibition launch. He said “At the MS exhibition, MPs seemed genuinely interested in what we were doing and saying. Several told me that if they had simply received documents and information on their desk they wouldn’t have taken as much notice, but the exhibition and people with MS being front and centre really struck home to them. I think both events were a fantastic way of bringing Westminster’s attention to MS, people living with the condition and the researchers trying to stop it.”

Source: The MS Society