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Women - Women

Glasspool and Smallwood Trust announce partnership

The partnership will enable both Trusts to increase their support to women, improve their well-being and support their financial resilience.

The partnership will provide small grants to pay for costs to cover basic living needs, reduced income due to redundancy or reduction in working hours, childcare, support towards rent or council tax arrears and essential household appliances, beds/bedding and clothing. Funds will be distributed through a network of community partners.

Paul Carbury, Chief Executive of the Smallwood Trust said: “the partnership with Glasspool is an example of our desire to work with other like-minded organisations to encourage financial stability for women on low income and help respond to the current COVID-19 pandemic.”

Julie Green, Chief Executive of the Glasspool Charity Trust said: “during these unprecedented times it is more important than ever to pool resources as many women are facing extremely challenging situations in relation to their income, family, employment and well-being.”

More information about the partnership funding criteria can be found here:

Source: Smallwood Trust