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Gold for Force for Good garden

The RHS Chelsea Flower Show has awarded the Force for Good garden a Gold medal and Best Discovery Exhibit at this year’s show.

The Force for Good garden was designed and created by military veterans and horticulture students to tell the powerful story of the role horticulture plays in the recovery and ongoing support of injured British Armed Forces personnel, veterans, and their families.

The design of the garden was inspired by conversations between students and the veterans. These personal experiences have been brought to life through the planting to illustrate the positive impact gardening activity can have on mental health and the role horticulture plays in ongoing support and recovery.

The Force for Good is divided into three sections - 'Surviving', 'Stability' and 'Support'. The positioning and grouping of plants in 'Surviving' show disorientation, the conflicting emotions and mental state of those being supported by Help for Heroes before they enter any recovery programme. As they progress through their journey to 'Stability', the garden portrays a number of horticultural activities undertaken at the four Recovery Centres nationwide with a focus on crop production and horticulture skills. The third and final section of the garden, 'Support', shows how planting and landscaping, including a still pool and seating can create an area promoting recovery and ongoing support. This is the stage when an individual becomes an active member of their community again and can make a positive impact in society once more.

Source: Help for Heroes