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Last updated July 2017

Guest Articles

Articles written by our charity and corporate members on important topics of the day.


  • Reviewing Investment Managers regularly is essential - Stylised image of a person drawing five stars in yellow marker pen
    Reviewing Investment Managers regularly is essential

    Reviewing Investment Managers regularly is essential; in fact it’s the law! The Charity Commission’s guidance, “Charities and Investment matters” (CC14), is clear. Trustees have a duty of care and are responsible for “reviewing the suitability and performance of investment managers regularly”.

  • A funny thing happened… - A blurred photo of an ambulance speeding through city streets
    A funny thing happened…

    May 15th 2017 is a day I’ll remember for a long time. It was the day the ACO held its annual conference at the Institute of Civil Engineering (ICE) and the day I manned the CaSE exhibition stand. It was also the day a virus chose to attack my inner ear.

  • Responsible lending - Closeup of man in business suit offering a large amount of money in cash
    Responsible lending

    Fair for You exists to help families living with poverty become economically sustainable within a fairer, more supportive credit environment than has previously existed. But our current model – making available loans which help sustain both our customers and our organisation – can’t be applied to everyone in penury, so how can we extend our reach?

  • Is your investment portfolio fit for purpose? - Basket of eggs, inscribed with words including retirement, equities,funds, cash, property and shares.
    Is your investment portfolio fit for purpose?

    With most ACO members are dependent upon their investment portfolios to produce a sufficient return to fund their operational costs, Paul Mitchell asks the question: is sufficient time being given to the stewardship of these invaluable assets?

  • Should you spend capital? - Close-up of a safe tumbler lock
    Should you spend capital?

    Kate Sayer outlines the considerations involved in spending capital, highlighting the decision-making steps for one well-established charity undertaking this task.

  • Social investment: from zero to portfolio - A see-saw in a derelict playground
    Social investment: from zero to portfolio

    Maggie Pearson outlines the case for charitable organisations investment in social enterprises by detailing its approach by the Bank Workers Charity.

  • Total Return Approach - A hand planting coins into freshly tilled earth
    Total Return Approach

    James Minett explores how a total return approach to investing allows more flexible investment and enhances a charity's spending power.

  • Charity Social Media Top Tips - Screenshot of social media app icons on a tablet device
    Our Charity Social Media Top Tips

    At the ACO Annual Conference we heard from CharityComms’ Sushi, on the ever-growing opportunity that social media provides charities; we also heard about some awesome success stories and effective campaigns. So, here are our top three tips on utilising social media in your charity’s marketing and communications plans!

  • Brexit, European Migrants and Right to Reside - A group of migrant workers rally in Trafalgar Square London. The prominent banner reads 'We are all workers not criminals'
    Brexit, European Migrants and Right to Reside

    Helen Rice, Chief Executive at Advising London, speculates on the economic impact of recent pledges to reduce net annual migration of EU migrants to the UK. Helen argues for an accurate system to monitor migration flows, and proposes systems be put in place to cope with concerned or destitute migrants already in the UK.

  • Ode to Joy for British Musicians? - A painted mural by British graffiti artist Banksy, depicting a workman chipping away at one of the stars on a European Union themed flag, in Dover
    Ode to Joy for British Musicians?

    The Incorporated Society of Musicians (ISM) have conducted research among its members into the effects of Brexit on their members livelihoods and proposed measures to maintain some degree of freedom of travel once Brexit is completed.