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Help for heroes hero up - Help for heroes hero up

Help for Heroes asks gamers to Hero Up to support wounded veterans

Help for Heroes is entering the gaming arena with the launch of Hero Up: a live streaming fundraising initiative in support of wounded veterans.

Hero Up simply asks people to sign up, create a fundraising page, set a target and then play their favourite games to raise donations for Help for Heroes‘s support of individuals and their families affected by their military service.

Hero Up kicked off on 13 March with a week-long live streaming fundraiser, and anyone aged 18 or over could sign up. It aims to reach a younger generation to educate them on the charity and to create the next generation of fundraisers, as well as raise more immediate funds. To celebrate the launch, streamers and content creators also came together for the week to raise money.

Sarah Jones, Head of Psychological Wellbeing at Help for Heroes, said: “Many of the veterans we support have spoken about how gaming has been a valuable part of their social life when they were unable to leave the house and can also be therapeutic. Gaming is also the largest sector in the entertainment industry with a multi-generational reach connecting billions of gamers around the world, who are increasingly using live streaming to raise money for good causes.”

Source: UK Fundraising