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Last updated April 2019


IE Logo - IE Logo

IE is a leading brand and digital agency for benevolent charities. We help not-for-profits to engage with their audiences – increasing their impact and reach through brand (research, messaging, visual identity, campaigns, behaviour change) and digital (websites, apps, bespoke services).

Our studio is full of some of the industry’s best Brand and Digital Consultants, Designers, Web Developers, and Project Managers – an award-winning team, all under one roof. 

IE recently rebranded Sons & Friends of the Clergy, carrying out in-depth stakeholder research before recommending a new name: Clergy Support Trust. We then created the Christian charity’s new brand messaging, visual identity and logo, supported by a new Drupal website. The brand reflects a new sense of organisational confidence and ambition, helping them to become more visible to the people that need them most, and making it easier for people to ask for help. 

IE’s other charity clients include the RAF Association, St Vincent de Paul’s Society and Baron Davenport’s Charity.  |  |  |  0121 693 8700