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Icaris Sentinel

ICARIS Sentinel specialise in ensuring your organisation is prepared and compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which comes into force in May 2018. Our team of experts will ensure that the correct technology, processes and systems are in place to ensure full compliance.

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Every organisation needs to take a microscopic look at their data, how they gather, store, organise and protect it.

Against a background of various complex European and national laws, the GDPR aims to bring consistency, clarity and confluence. It will standardise and harmonise requirements for data protection. And it will make it easier for information to flow quickly and securely, across borders. Even with the UK undertaking Brexit, this law will still be in force.

The regulation calls on Organisations to take ownership of data. It will hold Organisations and individuals accountable for the protection of personal information, including current or historic physical records, digital files, contact details or images.

Penalties for non-compliance under the GDPR are high: Organisations can be fined up to 20 million euros or 4% of global annual turnover. That cost is in addition to the financial impact of the regulatory breach itself: its effect on the company’s reputation, loss of consumer trust, and the impact on future earnings.

Almost every phone call, physical mail piece and digital interaction which includes or reveals personal information could come under scrutiny from regulators and will require accuracy, secure storage, data management and protection.

Understanding this, and indeed knowing where to start, can be a very real barrier to compliance. ICARIS Sentinel advise everyone to begin with a GDPR impact assessment and audit to help them identify their compliance status.

Achieving an in-depth understanding of you Organisation’s data can drive more than compliance. In our digital economy, information is an asset, a deep understanding of your data will help you create a single customer view, and can facilitate a great customer experience. Whilst GDPR is seen as a governance challenge, it should also been seen as a huge opportunity for your Organisation to develop a platform for greater insight to better understand and serve your customers or citizens.

Remember if you collect it, protect it.

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