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Independant Age 2 - Independant Age 2

Independent Age launch report on free personal care

The older persons’ charity launched their campaign to give all older people the support they need with activities like washing, getting dressed, and getting in and out of bed, free at the point of use in 2018.

The new report launched September 2019 is the third in a series which outlines the various reasons why free personal care can help provide the systemic change that social care is in need of. It offers new analysis about one of the extreme measures older people are having to resort to in order to cope with the vast costs of care. Namely; selling their home.

The analysis shows the scale of how many older people have had to sell their homes to pay for care as well as how the current deferred payments system (intended to address this worrying trend) is not working. Finally, this report shows how the introduction of free personal care can stop individuals from facing up to such a difficult decision in the first place.

Independent Age called on people to sign their petition to tell the new Prime Minister that free personal care is the solution to the social care crisis in England. In September two of their campaigners delivered the 14,000-signature petition to Downing Street.

Source: Independent Age