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Insurance Charities offer further support to help employers tackle domestic abuse

In 2018, the Insurance Charities sponsored a toolkit for employers to enable them to play their part in tackling domestic abuse. Since its launch, it has proved a popular and vital resource for HR teams and line managers whatever their sector.

All employers, whatever their size have a responsibility to provide a safe workplace for staff.

With almost 2.3 million victims every single year, costs relating to domestic abuse in England and Wales are an estimated £71 billion per annum.

The Insurance Charities have announced it will be funding an update to the toolkit, which will launch in spring this year. It will work in partnership with the Employers Initiative on Domestic Abuse (EIDA) to deliver this vital initiative.

The new edition has been welcomed by the government and will feature the latest statistics, guidance to support staff working at home, new case studies, and much more.

Once again, the toolkit will be co-authored by Public Health England and Business in the Community.

Source: The Insurance Charities