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Join the One Day Changes Lives PR Campaign

ACO has launched the ‘One Day Changes Lives’ PR Project, an awareness day for ACO members, and we need you to join us in our campaign to spread the word about your work to the nation!

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How much of the UK knows what a “benevolent fund” is, or all the work that your charity does for people needing support? Not enough? ACO wants to change this!

We have appointed award-winning PR agency Definition, who has years of experience working within the charity and third sector, to help us develop a national PR campaign with the goal of raising the profile of ACO and its members.

Our plan is to have one awareness day for us all to own, and one day to focus on all the work our members do in just one day in their charity. This day will be 16 October 2019.

The goal behind the campaign is to show the nation that one small act of help on one day can help change the lives of our beneficiaries. 

What do I need to do to take part?
We want as many members as possible to get involved. It does not matter if you are a large charity with an established communications team, or a small charity with only one or two staff members, we will do what we can to make involvement as accessible and simple as possible.

We will be requesting case studies, research and data, showing all the ways in which you help your beneficiaries. The goal is to show the nation the full range of support our members offer, which is not just financial, and the diverse range of people that we help.

Definition will then use this for its targeted national press and digital campaign, aiming to raise awareness among key front-line advice charities and key influencers.

Where possible, we also ask that someone is available on the day to tweet out, and share on other social media channels, stories about yourself and your work using the campaign hashtags #SmallActsChangeLives and #ACOMembers, and we will offer help to develop the skills needed to do this. 

What help will I receive? 
We fully understand the time restraints you have, and are keen to provide as much support as possible to allow you to participate in the easiest way.

After registering your interest, we will in soon send you a survey to complete in order to capture the data we need for the campaign in a simple way.

Definition will provide you with a template press release (based on their national press release, which will be distributed to national newspapers and charity trade publications), which can be adapted for your charity, which we would like you to send out to contacts on your mailing lists to help publicise the campaign as widely as possible. They will also provide an email template that can be sent internally to your organisation explaining the campaign.

Definition will provide recommendations on which journalists and publications they will be speaking to in order to avoid any conflict.

Definition will also be supplying all templates needed for social media graphics, that can be adapted for your charity’s brand guidelines, as well as a guide and timeline to activity being carried out on a national level.

The opportunity to attend a Communications Masterclass in June is also being provided by Definition to help provide you with the skills you need to participate. It will allow a member of your team to learn the basics about what makes a good news story, how to use social media to promote your work and how to create good content. 

How will the project benefit you?
You will have the opportunity to spread news about your charity's work to the nation, benefiting from PR agency Definition's skills and contacts. You will also be able to use the project to help your charity achieve its strategic aims, whatever they may be, from the publicity generated. 

Joining the project will also have the following benefits:
  • Opportunity for a member of your team to attend a Communications Masterclass prior to the day of the campaign.
  • Support you in promoting your charitable work to key stakeholders where needed, and increasing publicity for your charity.
  • Can be used to promote and encourage fundraising activities and processing of grants for beneficiaries.
  • For charities looking for more grant applications, this could help you achieve this goal.
  • Full toolkit provided by Definition including press release template and social media graphics.
Measuring Success
We will also ask you to keep a close eye on any notable changes as a result of the campaign, whether this be an increase in visits to your website, or an increase in inquiries and grant applications. We will survey this after the day of action to help us determine the project's success. 

How can I get involved?

Please register your interest by downloading and filling out this form, and emailing it to

Please can you send us this form by Friday 31st May 2019. 

We are looking for a financial contribution from members who wish to join in this project to help cover some of the costs involved in the campaign, with suggested donation amounts. Details of this are included on the form.

If you have any questions before registering your interest, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Let’s show people there is still relevance in benevolence in 2019!

* ACO and Definition launched the "One Day Changes Lives" campaign at our Annual Conference on Friday 10 May 2019. You can read a copy of their presentation from the conference by clicking Here 


Icon One Day Changes Lives Sign Up Form


One Day Changes Lives Sign Up Form

Icon One Day Changes Lives PR Campaign - Rebecca Jackson, Definition


ACO and PR agency Definition launch a PR campaign to promote the work of ACO members on an awareness day on 16th October.

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