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Last updated December 2020


Charities have to keep up with a broad range of policy and legislative changes. We update members every month on changes that affect organisations that help people in need through our newsletter Charity News Review and regular updates to our knowledge website Benepedia.

Equipping you with the knowledge you need


Members get exclusive access to Benepedia, the ACO knowledge website that contains briefings on policy and practice, a research library and an on-line forum. The site provides:

  • Help and advice on the tasks involved in running a charitable organisation
  • Information on a wide range of issues that affect your beneficiaries, keeping you up to date with the complex issues that you encounter in helping people in need
  • A library of recommended research and policy publications, indexed and searchable based on keywords.
Charity News Review

Free newsletter published ten times per annum. Packed with up to date information and the latest guidance specifically tailored to organisations that give grants and welfare support to people in need.

The newsletter is sent to every email address within your organisation at the beginning of the month. A free sample copy is available on request.