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London boroughs demand tax powers to ease funding pressure

Tax-raising powers must be devolved to London boroughs to ease pressure on councils “already on the brink”, an umbrella group has urged. A 63% cut in core funding from government since 2010 alongside a population boom has put public services in the capital under “significant pressure”, according to London Councils.

A report, published as part of the campaign, stated: “We believe that councils are best placed to take decisions about their local residents and should be further empowered to do so”. It called for London government to have access to a greater range of taxes including control over the full suite of property taxes — business rates, council tax and stamp duty.

The group, which represents all 32 London boroughs, said there would be a £4bn cut to core funding for local services between 2010 and 2020. Population growth of 900,000 (11%) since 2010 in London is more than double that of the rest of England, and the capital has had to provide services to an additional 500,000 people without additional funding.

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