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MND Association’s Ice Foot 92 Challenge

Len hopes to raise £92,000 towards the MND Association’s care and research work. A number of high profile players and celebrity supporters of the Association have pledged to be among the first to take the challenge. Those who step into the bucket of ice water are asked to share film footage of their challenge on social media using #IceFoot92.

Len who was diagnosed with MND in March 2017 and is now confined to a wheelchair said: “As a player, I’d ice foot injuries. I’m asking people to stand in a bucket of ice water for 92 seconds – one second for each club in the league – I can promise you it’s pure hell. If you manage it you get to nominate your mates so it’s a great chance to set them up!”

And for those who refuse to take the challenge? “Obviously they have to pay a penalty and donate anyway!” says Len.

Len says, “This is my way of doing something positive for people with MND, now and into the future. There is some research suggesting a link between sport and MND so football seemed like the perfect platform to not only raise funds but raise awareness of the disease.”

Source: MND Association