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Membership Overview - Circle of hands touching together
Last updated March 2018

Membership Overview

If you are a Charity that gives grants, welfare and support to individuals and families in need then the ACO is the specialist support organisation for you. Benefit from networking both online and at events, share our research and information, and add your voice over policy matters.

Do you help people in need?

ACO is the umbrella body for charitable organisations helping people in need. ACO provides support to its members with a wide range of services and support


Building peer networks providing opportunities for members to share and get advice and support

Raising standards

Promoting good practice, tackling problems together and offering solutions


Training charity professionals on finance, welfare, fund raising, governance, grant making and benefits

On-Line services

Websites and member forums giving opportunities to seek and share advice and experience

Lobbying and campaigning

Giving our members a voice by responding to government consultations and raising awareness about the work of our member organisations

Providing information

Providing members with up to date information tailored to their specific interests through a monthly newsletter and policy briefings

For more information about becoming a member please see Membership Leaflet, Corporate membership or Associate Members

What our members say:

"ACO membership provides excellent value for money because resources, networking, learning and sharing are available to everyone in our organisation - not just a named member."

"As a newcomer to the charity sector, I found the friendly support that I received from ACO members extremely helpful. The annual fee is excellent value for money giving as it does access to so much information and networking events."