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Last updated November 2020

Guest Articles

Articles written by our charity and corporate members on important topics of the day.


  • Clergy Support Logo - Clergy Support Logo
    Member Spotlight: Clergy Support Trust

    Clergy Support Trust has recently appointed their new CEO Ben Cahill-Nicholls to the charity. We spoke to Ben about his appointment, and what is in store for the future for the charity. 

  • hands - hands
    A new sense of agency - Charles Stanley

    By Dr Glenn Baker, Charles Stanley Wealth Managers

  • Silver - Silver
    Selling the Family Silver - Yoke and Co

    Charities are required to have reserves and Reserve Policies to justify why money is being kept from their beneficiaries. One of the best reasons is to help see the organisation through hard times, and if now is not a hard time for charities and their beneficiaries, when will be? Now is the time to draw on reserves built up in easier times.