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Law Express - Law Express

Law Express

The Law Express telephone legal advice helpline covers a wide range of personal legal subjects offering vital legal support and guidance. Consider Law Express as being part of your network and we could be here to help you and your beneficiaries.

Join likeminded ACO members, who have recognised the cost savings that can be made by offering legal support early.  We have frequently assisted our charitable clients by early intervention being available for their beneficiaries. Offering solutions-based advice from the outset, benefits both the individual concerned and the charity or benevolent fund. Keeping you all supported. Our service operates from 8.00 am – 8.00 pm Monday to Friday. Referrals can also be received via email or with a warm telephone handover.

Beneficiaries could also take advantage of our informative Legal APP or factsheets that can be placed on your own site, giving instant access to essential advice and guidance. With two available options – a full package of over 38 factsheets or a package of just 10 of the most essential and popular factsheets.

We understand how much free stuff there is out there, however, our helpline and fact sheets are targeted at specific issues and can help save time and reduce anxiety. We find callers are often comforted by being able to talk through their presenting problems and our experienced advisors are able to provide reassurance and information. All advice given is totally independent, confidential and impartial.

The range of personal legal subjects provided by our advisors:

  • Family - divorce, separation, children, finances, cohabitees wills and powers of attorney.
  • Consumer - purchase and hiring of goods and services, credit, and holiday problems.
  • Motoring - contesting fines and penalties, legal obligations as a vehicle owner, buying and selling cars, parking tickets, speeding, other offences and penalties.
  • Property - buying, selling and renting property, rights and obligations as a neighbour/tenant.
  • Employment - basic statutory rights as an employee, the disciplinary procedure, TUPE, redundancy and dismissal, illness, misconduct, and health and safety.
  • Personal Injury - sustained at work or in a traffic accident, caused by errors in hospital treatment or sustained by a victim of a crime.
  • Tax information - inheritance tax, issues relating to self-employment, VAT and NI.
  • Immigration - information and guidance (due to regulatory restrictions).

For the price of a call, access to our legal helpline is available to those you wish to support. Sometimes it is just good to talk……..

We have a very flexible pricing policy that can be tailored for organisations large and small, please call 01275 378 700 or email for further information.