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Last updated April 2021

Guest Articles

Articles written by our charity and corporate members on important topics of the day.


  • Film and TV Charity - Film and TV Charity
    Member Spotlight: Film & TV Charity

    We spoke to the Film and TV Charity about how their charity has changed their focus in recent years and how they have been supporting those in the film and TV industries through the pandemic. 

  • Sullivan’s Heroes - TST Partnership

    ACO member the Teaching Staff Trust has been working with Sullivan’s Heroes to provide funding towards home adaptations for children who are severely disabled and whose parents are eligible to apply to their charity. The charity have been able to provide the last bits of funding to ensure that adaptations can be completed, knowing that all other possible funding has already been achieved with support from Sullivan’s Heroes. 

  • Laptop Computer - Laptop Computer
    Top 5 free and discounted Microsoft benefits for Charities - Softwerx

    Across the board, registered Charities of all types are facing the difficult challenge of still having to maintain secure and compliant systems, but with much reduced funding and resources. The recent hacks of the National Trust, the University of Birmingham and the Woodland Trust are prime examples.