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No more "Physician, heal thyself"

A psychologist who specialises in helping doctors, Caroline Elton wrote the book 'Also Human: The Inner Lives of Doctors' and talks to the Royal Medical Benevolent Fund about her aims in writing the book, the problems facing modern doctors, and what can be done to support those who are struggling.

Drawing on over twenty years of work supporting doctors under pressure, Caroline wrote the acclaimed book - a revealing, candid and overwhelmingly human insight into today’s medical profession.

"My hopes were probably very similar to the RMBF's hopes for its own campaigns: to raise awareness and draw attention to the issues faced by medical professionals today. I was in the privileged position of being alone in a room hearing all these stories, and didn't really get the sense that the wider population and patients really know what's it's like to be a doctor. I also don't think TV programmes have tended to give a real picture; [it is] all glossed and skewed compared with reality.

I wanted to highlight these issues because I could see that certain things were occurring again and again: issues around race, gender, choosing the right speciality as well as, of course, the pressures that all doctors were working under. The people - the individual doctors - were different, but the underlying problems were very much recurrent".

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