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OA reaches over 1000 beneficiaries

For nearly 100 years the Officers' Association has assisted former officers and their families to help them in challenging personal situations. Last year, the Benevolence team dealt with 1,107 cases, providing welfare advice, signposting to other organisations and accessing financial support.

The OA awarded £1,369,000 in grants. The team authorised 3,766 financial transactions paid to beneficiaries, charities and suppliers.

Nigel Hare, OA Head of Benevolence, said: "The OA is here to support the officer community in difficult circumstances. Our team is dedicated to providing the best possible service, and we do all we can to help." Grants are awarded to beneficiaries needing financial support, which can be one-off or regular payments, and quite wide-ranging, depending on the person's needs. Regular grants can go towards the general cost of living, as well as financing care support. Our one-off payments have covered many costs, including car repairs, funeral costs, rent arrears and white goods. Last year we awarded grants to 668 people, of whom 118 live overseas in 27 different countries.

Beneficiaries' needs can often be complex, requiring the support of multiple organisations. We work with other charities to deliver the best possible results for beneficiaries. Over the last year, 30% of all grants paid to beneficiaries came from funds provided by other charities. This co-operation helps us to work efficiently and maximise the grants available to beneficiaries.

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