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One Day Changes Lives People  - One Day Changes Lives People
Last updated March 2020

One Day Changes Lives

On 22 January charities across the nation will come together to show how they are changing lives every day by sharing case studies and stories of where their support has helped those in need.

If you are an individual in need of support, please visit ACO member Turn2us who can help you search for a grant. 

Please visit our Member Directory for more details about all grant-making charities and benevolent funds who are members of ACO. 

Why an awareness campaign?

One Day Changes Lives is a new national awareness campaign to raise public awareness of the impact grant-making charities and benevolent funds have on society, and the services they can offer.

People have heard of the big-name charities, but many are unaware of the 100s of charities that exist throughout the UK to help in times of need when an unexpected or life-changing crisis arises. People also often do not realise they are eligible for support from these charities, and how simple it is to apply. This campaign aims to change this so more know of and benefit from the support our member charities provide.  

And new research from our member charities shows their services are needed more than ever today! Last year ACO charities assisted 400,000 people in need and distributed £216million in financial grants. This is 7% more than the financial assistance given back in 2015. There has also been a 54% increase in the non-financial support charities have been giving to those facing life's challenges. From mental health support and councelling, to careers and debt advice and offering befriending services, our members gave practical assistance to 93,308 people last year.

This day will also show the nation the overall impact ACO charities have. While an individual act of benevolence may seem small, such as providing a grant for a new fridge, this can have a huge impact on a beneficiary’s life. Together individual acts by ACO members can amount to a colossal positive impact on society. 

What are benevolent funds and grant-giving charities? 

These charities provide support to individuals in need by giving financial grants. Grant applications are judged on a case by case basis and are given in a wide range of circumstances, including:

  • Emergency repairs to homes or to repair/replace white goods that the applicant otherwise could not afford.
  • Help with living costs when someone cannot work unexpectedly due to illness, disability, caring responsibilities or redundancy.  
  • To pay unexpected bills or pay for gas and electricity meter top-ups.
  • Paying for home adaptions when someone is suddenly diagnosed with a life-changing illness or disability. 
  • Help with childcare costs, including school materials and uniforms to keep family life going. 
  • Supporting those in work on low incomes, such as apprentices or those on zero-hours contracts. 
  • Helping those that cannot access benefits, are facing sanctions or are trying to apply for Universal Credit. 

Each charity has its own eligibility requirements. In most cases they only require that the applicant, or one of their family, has ever worked in a certain career, or was a member of a certain group, to be eligible. ACO has a huge range of member charities that support people from engineers and nurses to retail staff and entertainers.

Help does not stop at grants

Most grant-giving charities do not just give grants but have a range of services to help people get back on their feet. This includes:

  • Mental health and counseling services
  • Debt and money-management advice
  • Training and back-to-work support.
  • Legal advice, benefits advice and career support. 
  • Bringing people with shared experiences together. 
  • Befriending services to combat loneliness

For more information about One Day Changes Lives, or if you wish to feature about the day in any publication, please contact

With thanks to our members that supported the campaign  

ABTA Lifeline         Architects Benevolent Society      B&CE's Charitable Trust      Baltic Exchange Charitable Foundation

BDA Benevolent Fund        Benenden Charitable Trust       Buttle UK       CABA       The Care Workers Charity 

Chemists' Community Fund    CIMA Benevolent Fund      Clergy Support Trust      Dance Professionals Fund

Family Fund    Foothold    Friends of the Elderly     The Furniture Makers' Company      Glasspool Charity Trust    GroceryAid   

Help Musicians UK       Hospital Saturday Fund      ICE Benevolent Fund    iProvision    Licensed Trade Charity

LionHeart     Masonic Charitable Foundation    Merchant Navy Welfare Board    The NCC Benevolent Fund 

NewstrAid      Perennial      Pharmacist Support    PRS Members' Fund     Racing Welfare     Royal Alfred Seafarers' Society

Royal Variety Charity     ScotsCare     Shipwrecked Mariners' Society     Smallwood Trust    The Stock Exchange Benevolent Fund

Support Network      The Benevolent, the Drinks Industry Charity     The Charity for Civil Servants    The Insurance Charities

The Queen's Nursing Institute    Railway Benefit Fund      The Salespeople's Charity      Turn2us       Wimbledon Guild 


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