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PRS Members’ Fund - Graphics from the organisation's site

PRS Members’ Fund Rebrand

The charity has completed work on their new identity, including a change of name, new logo and brand colours, and a refreshed website.

PRS Members’ Fund states their rebrand reflects the Fund's growth and embraces the introduction of new services as the needs of PRS songwriters and composers change.

The charity has reverted to their former name PRS Members’ Fund, and have widened the range of support services on offer. They have launched new partnerships to support qualifying PRS members who are experiencing difficult times and converted from a Trust to a Charitable Incorporated Organisation.

While their core values and mission remain the same, the charity believes the new look reflects how far they have progressed to provide a comprehensive support network for songwriters and composers who struggle with financial, physical and mental health problems, debt and accommodation needs.

Source: PRS Members’ Fund